Scheduled For Knee Replacement Surgery? How To Prepare For The Recovery Period

Posted on: 17 June 2020

If you're scheduled for knee replacement surgery, now's the time to prepare for the recovery. You'll get post-operative instructions at the hospital. It's important you follow those. But there are other steps you can take that can keep your recovery moving forward. Look at the list provided here. These tips will help you on your road to recovery.

Resist the Urge to Bend

If you've suffered from a limited range of motion in your knee, you want to get back to normal as soon as possible. Part of that normality includes getting up and walking around. But if you start walking too soon, you may cause serious problems for your knee. First, you'll put too much weight on your knee too soon. Also, you'll bend your knee before it's time. If you put too much weight on your knee, you might fall. That's because your artificial joint needs time to heal before it can hold weight. If you bend your knee before it's healed, you risk permanent problems. Avoid the risk. Keep your knee still until the doctor gives you the all-clear. 

Stick to Your PT Schedule

If you're scheduled for knee replacement surgery, plan for physical therapy. Your doctor may schedule several weeks of physical therapy. Your knee is going to be stiff once it's healed. That's because it hasn't been bending. To get that range of motion back, you'll need physical therapy. But it's important that you stick to the schedule. That means you'll need to make it to all your PT appointments. Your physical therapist may add exercises for you to do at home. Make sure you do those as well. 

Say Yes to Extra Help

If you need knee replacement surgery, say yes to the extra help. This is especially important when considering durable medical goods. You're going to need help moving around the house for a few weeks. You may receive crutches or a walker. Your doctor may want you to use a wheelchair for a while. Don't say no to the medical devices. Those devices will help you regain your mobility without causing injury to your knee. 

Watch for Signs of Infection

If you're preparing for knee replacement surgery, learn the signs of infection. There is a chance you'll develop a postoperative infection. That type of infection is rare. But they do happen. Some signs you should watch for include redness and inflammation. You should also watch for drainage from the wound site.