Non-Surgical Ways To Manage Ongoing Spine Pain

Posted on: 7 October 2020

Spine pain can be quite debilitating. It is tough to get out of bed in the morning when your back is throbbing, and stiffness and soreness definitely make it difficult to remain active. Many patients opt to address their ongoing spinal pain via surgery, and this is certainly a reasonable option. But what if you can't have surgery or don't want to undergo surgery? There are other options, which are discussed below.

Physical Therapy

Spinal pain tends to occur in a sort-of circular pattern. Your injured spine puts a strain on the nearby muscles, which makes those muscles sore. When you stop using those sore muscles, it then puts strain on other muscles. Then, your abnormal movement puts additional strain on your spine, making the pain worse. Physical therapy can nip this cycle in the bud. By showing you exercises to keep your back muscles loose, physical therapy can ease the pressure on your spine, thereby relieving your pain. Physical therapy is not always easy, and you will have to remain dedicated to performing the recommended exercises at home. If you put in the work, you can get a lot of relief.


Acupuncture has become increasingly accepted among the general medical community. Practitioners have, for years, insisted that it works by re-directing the flow of energy through the body, but more modern thinking recognizes that it changes nerve impulses in a way that eases pain. Regular acupuncture sessions can help keep your back pain under control as there are not risks involved with it. The needles are so tiny that you don't feel them going in; most patients find the experience relaxing, which makes it even more helpful for pain relief.

Cortisone Injections

Another option is to have the affected part of your spine injected with cortisone, which is a steroid. The cortisone will reduce inflammation, which will take the pressure off the nerves in the area and give you some relief from the pain. Cortisone injections may only give you a couple of months of relief, and the injection itself can be painful. As such, doctors may not recommend this as a long-term solution, but it can be a beneficial option as you are beginning physical therapy and waiting for its effects to kick in.

If you suffer from spinal pain, surgery is not your only option for relief. Give the treatments above a try, and talk to your doctor for more tips and guidance.