Ketamine For Social Anxiety

Posted on: 16 June 2023

If you've been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, you may have realized just how many treatment options are available. Ketamine is an increasingly popular option for addressing the symptoms of social anxiety.

Do you still have questions? You aren't alone. Here's what you should know before you try this treatment option.

Understanding Social Anxiety Disorder 

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a mental health condition that can severely impact a person's life. It's defined as intense fear around social situations where a person might be judged, criticized, or embarrassed.

People with SAD tend to avoid these types of situations and can develop crippling feelings of anxiety when faced with them.

Traditional Treatments Pose Some Challenges

When it comes to treating SAD, traditional options such as cognitive behavioral therapy and medications can be effective. However, these treatments are not without their drawbacks.

For example, medication can have unpleasant side effects and it may take several weeks before the full effect is felt.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is effective, but it requires spending time and money on therapy sessions which may not be feasible for many people.

Ketamine as an Alternative Treatment

Ketamine is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for social anxiety disorder. This drug has been used in clinical settings as a form of pain relief and anesthesia, but it has recently been studied for its potential to help people with SAD.

A professional may recommend ketamine if you've been resistant to other treatment options.

Mixing Ketamine & Psychotherapy

If you decide to try ketamine for social anxiety, it's important to also combine this with psychotherapy.

Your therapist can help you to better understand and manage your anxiety, while ketamine helps to relieve symptoms in a more immediate way.

The combination of these two treatment options may result in more lasting and better results.

Risks & Side Effects

It's important to remember that ketamine is a powerful drug and, like any medication or treatment option, comes with potential risks.

Some of the more common side effects include drowsiness, confusion, and dizziness. There is also a risk of drug abuse or addiction if ketamine is taken for long periods of time without medical supervision.

It's important to discuss these risks with your doctor before starting any treatment.

Finding the Right Treatment

Ketamine for social anxiety is an effective option, but it's not the only one. It's important to do your research and find a treatment that works for you.

Finding the right combination of medications, therapies, and lifestyle changes can help you reduce your symptoms and get back to enjoying life.

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